Saturday, February 2, 2008

GRM Question #2

So here we go again, this is the second question, in two parts:

"How can we know God? Deal with the issue regarding General revelation and Special Revelation?"


"What happens to babies and young children when they die? Do mentally ill people go to heaven?"

I am already having headaches... but let's see where we can get with this.

P/S: In the meantime we can still continue our discussion on the previous posts.


Tham Wan said...

You can perhaps start with the Roman Catholic positions on this question. Theirs is more traditional and conservative. It is also time-tested. You can then move on to what others are saying today.

Tham Wan said...

This should be an important question for you . . . you have a baby now! What is Mikayla's "spirituality"? How do you think God views her? How does she affect people and how do people and the environment affect her? What changes are taking place in her even as she grows? You may even want to read and ponder all the baby and pregnancy passages in the Bible . . .

Tham Wan said...

BTW, all your classmates have links to your blogsite. Perhaps you should reciprocate and have theirs too on your blogsite.

Mike Leo said...

Yo, Lemmy!

Having spent enough times in funeral services, most of the preachings are about "hope" of eternal life with Jesus after death. In church, many preach about this "hope" during Good Friday, Easter and Christmas from behind the pulpit.

But what about the salvation that brings about eternal hope for babies and mentally ill people? They are not in the state of being rationale. Bible says that "beleive in your heart and confess with your mouth". They are not capable of doing that in their concious mind and willing heart. Do they go to heaven when they die as babies or mentally ill people?

If your answer is anything but "yes", then how can you reconcile the many message of "hope" preached so often?