Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Worship List 090222

This session would very likely represent my last session worship leading. As many of you know I am preparing start my career as a minister. So I have to free myself up to focus a bit better, but that would be a whole other post. If you read this page you will one of the first to find out as soon as anything is confirmed.

I believe we are in a certain season now, many people are facing tough times. It is no different with people in Canaan. For some it is tough financial times, for some it's tough spiritual times, some others are facing physical sicknesses, for others still it could even be tough mental/emotional times. Whatever it is, I believe this is true for many people all around the world. In view of that, this week the worship list was all about needing God all the more in our time of need, knowing that he is faithful even during tough times.

Here's the list:

  1. Forever (G)
  2. By Your Side (G)
  3. I Will Run To You (G)
  4. Still (C)
  5. The reason I Live Is To Worship You (C)
  6. Draw Me Close (C) - chorus only

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Guitar Tips

Derrick Siow always distracts me with youtube videos. When I am working on my com he sometimes sends me a link and tells me I need to watch it... and so far he has been right!

Anyway he sent me this video and I found this very helpful. I'm sure some of you who are as noob as I am would find this helpful as well.

Basically in this video you will learn to "colour" the songs with different chords. Will definitely bring new life to old songs that have went dull.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Visit to Foursquare Gospel Church, USJ

I was invited by Pas. Henry Liew to preach in his church, Foursquare Gospel Church in USJ. Yesterday was the big day, as many of you would have known. I prepared hard to make a good impression as this would be my first time there. I was told the church consisted of mainly younger people (youths, young adults, new families, etc.). It was also a relatively smaller church compared to Canaan, there is normally about 30 in attendance.

The service starts at 10:00am, but we arrived at the church at 9:07am, to be exact. This was because I had to make sure I had time to get lost, but my handy Samsung Omnia made no mistake, linking up with global positioning satelites to make sure I didn't that I didn't even make one wrong turn. GPS ROCKS! Realizing that we were way too early, we did the Malaysian thing, we headed out in search of food. Kok Leong who insisted on joining us at the last minute, as we normally carpool to church, was in generous mood as he normally is, and picked out of the steamer a whole lot of dim sum. Mid way through dim sum I realized it is now a reasonable time to call Pas Henry Liew to make sure I was at the right place (and at the right time). He informed me that he was about a hundred yards from the church, I explained that I was at this dim sum place and he told me that he would come right over. It was a relieve to see him and finally know for sure that we are at the right place at the right time. We will finish our breakfast before we headed to the next street where the church was located.

By 9:30 I realized there was way too much food for me, so I decided to leave Melanie, Mikayla and Kok Leong and walked to the church as I had to make sure my powerpoint (with video) would work properly. The powerpoint ultimately did not work, until halfway through the message, they missed out on the video that I was going to show them. I promised them the video would be up on my blog if they searched and it will be at the bottom of this post for all your viewing pleasure.

Mikayla enjoying herself at a new church

The service started slightly late, I expected this, as smaller churches tend to wait up for each other before kicking off. There was fewer people than I expected, there were about 25 who turned up that day. It turns out that there was a missions trip at that time and about 5 of the church members were in Hanoi. The smaller and younger than expected crowd helped put me more at ease. Joel Liew a long time friend and resident PK led the worship with a guitar. Worship was simple, 4-piece band. Although I didn't recognize nearly half the songs, I enjoyed the worship. In Canaan I would be concerned about how the music sounded, if there was any techinical mess ups, etc. This was not my church, I was not responsible for anything, so I was able to be more focus. That was a nice.

I was introduced as the speaker, and that I will also be leading the cell groups over the next 2 weeks in their pastor's absence (Pas. Henry will be at APTS). I took the stage and in the wake of Valentine's Day, preached the sermon that I titled as "The Brokeback kind of Love". The message was about the love, but not the usual love that is propagated in movies and Valentine's Day advertising. It was about love between friends, it was the "bromance" kind of love, between brothers and sisters.

Here are the four main contrasts that I made from King Saul and Prince Jonathan and how they related to David:

The Brokeback kind of Love
Bible Text: 1 Samuel 18:1-9

1. Unchain your heart... Don't chain your friend. (verse 1-2)
  • Jonathan unchained his heart toward David.
  • Saul tried to chain David to himself.
2. Make a one-way covenant... not a two-way contract. (verse 3 & 5)
  • Jonathan made a one-way covenant with David.
  • Saul made a two-way contract with David.

3.Give a gift... don't expect one. (verse 4-5)

  • Jonathan freely gave what he had.
  • Saul expected David to make him look good.

4.Enjoy your friend's sucess... don't be jealous of it. (verse 6-9)

  • Jonathan enjoyed David’s victories.
  • Saul kept a jealous eye on David.

Here's the video that was supposed to be part of the sermon powerpoint:

Brokeback Mountain Christian Edition

Now you understand why I call it the brokeback kind of love? If not try this: I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother; you were very dear to me. Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women. - 2 Samuel 2:26

After the service we had a special lunch as it was "Birthday Week". It was good to be able to get to meet some of the people. Our entourage was too stuffed with dim sum so we missed out on the food this time around. After that I was pleasantly surprised to have been asked to speak to the youths. Since I did not have anything prepared, Joel basically had an informal "interview session", asking me questions about youth ministry. There was a tight group of about 6 youths, but Joel who was heading the group was aggresive about growth. I spoke to them and basically offered some suggestions and consultation to them.

This was taken during the youth meeting... I need a better photographer!

All in, it was a good day. Came back, played some computer (since futsal was canceled), then later we went out for dinner at Ikea with Kok Leong, Sarah, Rachel and Irvin. Had a great time fooling around at Ikea riding shopping carts, messing around with the stuff on display, and even bringing some of it home! Good day. Thank you Jesus. Now I am looking forward to other upcoming stuff.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Facing The Fire

Last Friday I was invited by Pas. Thaddeus Lee to preach in New Covenant Assembly's (Sri Petaling) home school chapel service. This would make it the second time that I have been there. Last year when I was there my wife was still pregnant and I showed the ultra sound scan of the now 1 year old Mikayla. Last year I spoke to them on disciplines in "First Things First". Chris was with me the last time and gave a short testimonial. This time round I decided to talk about peer pressure. Joash and Jason came along to support me and Jason even gave a testimonial on how he was influenced by negative peer pressure.

All in, it was a good day. Joash, Jason and I enjoyed the trip there, the compulsory mamak session with Pas. Thaddeus, and getting to know some new friends. Some of the students were supposed to add me on Garena but so far none of them have added me. But the main highlight of the day was of course my message to the students. I was worried I might do a lousy job as I not been getting any practice preaching recently. On top of that I was also to be preaching in Foursquare Gospel Church, USJ (FGC) the following Sunday (15th February). I worked very hard for this session and it turned out very well, good enough that Joash even asked me for the sermon notes and powerpoint so that he could use it in his own youth service the following day. This session certainly reminded me of my passion to share God's word with young people and also served to boost my confidence for the following Sunday's gig in FGC. Now I am looking forward to next Sunday's gig. God help me speak your words.

For thoes interested here are the points that I touched on during my peer pressure talk:

"Facing the Fire"
Bible text: Daniel 3:16-18

1. Surround myself with support (verse 16)

  • Ecc 4:12 - Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

2. Set my trust in God (verse 17)

  • Proverbs 3:5 - Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

3. Stick to what's right (verse 18)

  • Acts 5:28 - Peter and the other apostles replied: "We must obey God rather than men!

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Prayer:

We Need You Lord...

but not just that, I need you Lord...

I know you hear us... Hear our cries oh Lord, hear MY cry oh Lord!