Monday, October 6, 2008

Worship List 081206

Before I come to the list, I want to make mention of the worship team here...

I was supposed to lead the worship next Sunday. However David Yeoh, who was next week's worship leader, told me that he could not make it to practice this Saturday. I had to swap with him.

I was immediately put in a dilemma. This week is Hari Raya week, so many of our musicians were away for a holiday. All week I was trying to find the right time when all the musicians could come together for a practice. It was a tough time trying to synchronize all our calendars and find the right time to practice. Bearing in mind that I also did not want to deprive them of their holiday as they have worked hard for the worship ministry and deserved a holiday. I spent much of my week worrying about the practice and the worship time. We finally decided to practice on Saturday morning at 10:00AM instead of the usual 1:30PM. Suddenly all the musicians were available, even David made it to the practice! I was very encouraged by the commitment of this group of musicians. They really went out of their way to serve God in this area. In the midst of the confusion I forgot to inform Donny, our lead guitarist, that we have moved the practice time again this week. I had previously spoken to him about the change of practice time. I thought I informed him but I was making so many calls to so many people that I left him out.

Bobby (bassist), Irvin (sound tech), Marcus (keyboardist), Timothy (rhythm guitarist), and I (worship leader) arrived at church at 10:00AM. We all came in my van. We setup while waiting for the rest to arrive. By 10:20AM we gave Donny a call asking him how late he was going to be. It was then that we realized that there was a communication break down. He explained to us that he was not informed of the practice. I apologized for leaving him in the dark and told him that it's alright if he cannot make it since the songs are very simple, as I was anticipating that there would be very few people in church this holiday weekend. But Donny told us that he will come immediately if we could wait. We started our practice without Donny, he arrived only when we were doing our 4th song. That was approximately 12 minutes... Kelisa quite fast!

Practice went on very well, at the end of the practice we spent some time praying for the team, the worship time, and the church members. We did not do the usual "thank you for this practice... amen". We took our time this time. We were implementing the decision that we made based on the worship evaluation form from the last time I worship led. Practice was good.

After the practice we all went for a CS session. It was a good reward for our efforts. We had a great time killing each other, laughing our hearts out as we did it. Nice!

Here is the worship list:

  1. Beautiful One (D)
  2. We Wanna See Jesus Lifted High (G)
  3. It Is You (G)
  4. Heart Of Worship (G)
  5. I Love You Lord (G)

The worship time was very good. The musicians were really "into it", we could feel a different energy in the music. More importantly, the church was really "into it". It was a wonderful time of worship. At the end of the session during our briefing we asked each other what was the difference this week. I mentioned that it could probably be the break. The members might be more relaxed and responsive after having a holiday. However after reflecting the rest of the day on what we did different this week I came to a conclusion that although the holiday might have played a role, the bigger factor was more probably 1) the extended prayer time we had, and 2) the attitude and commitment of the musicians who went out of their way to make it to the practice this week. Not just Donny and David, but also Bobby, who just flew back in from Indonesia on Friday. Their commitment encourages me to continue to give my best to God in this ministry. Let us continue to encourage each other in this way. Thank you musicians, and bravo!


Stephen said...

Looks like you are real serious about God's work. Keep it up. Becareful with the "diseases" that I mentioned in my article, "PROFANITY". Check it out at

BTW, you dad commented that my blog looks similar to yours. My answer, "What do you expect, Lemuel designed it?!!!".... haha

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

Of course I'm serious about God's work!

I think my blog might be a bit overwhelming for some... I think many readers miss this article:

Suddenly too many posts... so many skip to the most recent. Anyway it shows how busy I've been recently. Strange that I have so much time to post it all here on the blog though.

Anyway hope that you all will respond to that article, especially Angela! You are the one who started it...

Stephen said...

I can understand why Angela ask those questions. I think she is concerned about her role in the church as a sister.
I have answers for her.
I will respond with my comments....\

Stephen said...

I will email an article to Angela if you give me her email address....Too long to post comments....Article is 40 pages long!!!!

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

You send me the link to where you found that article la. If not then you send me the article I'll make it available for download here.

Stephen said...

I hope you have received my email with the article on "Can women teach and become pastors???

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

Yes, got it. Thanks... It's REALLY long though!