Friday, January 25, 2008

"Gifts From God"

That is exactly what she is, a "gift from God". Just look at her. Mikayla Yee Rencai 余仁采 was born to Melanie and I at 11:22 on the 21st of December 2007. As of today she is a grand ol' 34 days old!

Incidentally, today is Elroi's birthday. Happy Birthday Elroi! No gift for you, you're too far away. Elroi has taken many beautiful pictures of Mikayla on his Nikon D80. The pictures above were taken and editted by Elroi himself. The pictures are beautiful mainly because Mikayla is such a beautiful model.

At the moment Elroi is enjoying his birthday in the cool breeze of Baguio with Anne. What a way to spend one's birthday. My parents are totally elated that Anne has finally made the trip to visit them in the Philippines. We (Melanie, Mikayla & Lemuel) will also be going over to visit the new grandparents sometime around Chinese New Year. Melanie's family will also be joining us on this trip. It's going to be fun! The grandparents in Philippines have already bought many gifts for little Mikayla's trip. She will have no shortage of sweaters.

Naturally, my parents miss their 34-day old granddaughter more than they miss their 26-year old son. They really miss her a lot. It is part of the price and sacrifice that they make in serving Jesus. They have missed, and will miss many events in Mikayla's life. This is also a price and sacrifice that Melanie and I pay, and so will Mikayla. But nothing beats being part of a family who are in the will of God. The greatest gift is to know God and to share it with others.

Mikayla has already celebrated her full moon with her immediate family members on the 18th of January 2008. Even Mikayla's Great Uncle Yee Tham Fuan
( and Aunty Danica ( were in attendance. They were passing by KL on their way back to Australia from their missions trip in South Asia. Yes! Even my uncles, aunties and cousins love Jesus with all their hearts, and serve him wherever they are called. What a gift to have an entire family serving God and being in his will. The full moon was a typical noisy hakkah affair. Mikayla was splashed with gifts, and angpaus. Seriously, she is richer than me now.

Mikayla has been showered with so many gifts from friends and family that we are totally overwhelmed. You really will not believe it. Just let me illustrate: at the moment we have THREE matress, pillows, and bolsters sets; THREE bottles of D.O.M. health wines; THREE car seats; and so much clothes that Mikayla would be able to wear most of them only three times before she out grows them! We practically did not have to buy anything ourselves. We really thank God for giving us so many friends.

Mikayla is now initiated into the Yee Family proper. However, there are still so many friends who have yet to meet our little gift from God. Especially the members of Faith Charismatic Center, BCM students, and the PKs (Pastors' Kids). We really want to share this gift with all of you, so even though it is a bit of a hassle, a grander full moon party is in the pipeline. Here are the details:

Date: 3rd February 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 7pm - Mikayla's bedtime
Venue: Our home - B104 Casa Mila, Bukit Idaman, Selayang, 68100 Selangor (pool side)
Food?: of course!
Map: Right here...
Please come if you would like to see Mikayla Yee and her proud parents. Many of the BCM students and PKs also have never set foot into the northern areas of KL. As many churches are located towards the south - PJ and Subang areas. This would be the perfect opportunity for you Southsiders to get a taste of the Northside.

Lemuel, Melanie & Mikayla are all looking forward to seeing you at the party. Please remember to RSVP.


Christopher Andrew said...

3 post and u finally decide to invite me.. neways would like to extend the Welcome gesture to you and a special greeting to ur newborn daughther...


Someone You might know said...

Dear Lemuel,
You advocate that baby is gift from god, but why god let some live and condemn others to die without seein the light of day?

Anonymous said...

What a lovely wonderful baby girl. Must be a wonderful experience for you and Mel. Pls send my love to Mel too. Will confirm about the 3 Feb.

TsuiYen said...

Hey Lemuel,

Congrats! How's life being a daddy now huh? Beautiful name 4 your baby and surely she will grow up to be one too :)

Soree not able to attend this Sunday....catch up with u other time. Send my regard to Mel too :)