Sunday, January 20, 2008

GRM Question #1

Like I said this blog is part of my "God, Revelation, Man" requirements. Here's the first question that was given to us to post and interact. Do not be afraid to to express yourself. All genuine opinions will be accepted. Please consider this question and leave your comments.

"Many religions claim the existence of God. Does God exist? How do we know He existed? There are so many gods, which is the true God? How do we define God?"

Looking forward to hearing out all your opinions.


David Lim said...

hey bro.. you just told me about your site today and here i am. So nice of me, right? haha.. that's what best frens are for.

welcome to the blogosphere.. even though you've been 'forced' in..

to answer your questions, my response would be that I believe that God exists and that Jesus is the one true God because i have a lot of experiences where i believe God connects with me, i hear his voice, and i see his miracles. Sounds crazy? Maybe. But yes, i'm a believer!

Loh Jin said...

Thaipusam is just around the corner, many hindus will go through a spiritual experience? Some will walk through fire others have their body pierced and they deem this as power from the gods.

Why do you say Jesus is the one true god. Are their experience with the gods not true? If it can be true are the gods not true gods?

Why your experience can prove a true God, then other's spiritual experience also can prove their gods to be true.

N said...

Interesting site. Welcome to Planet Blog. So, this is an assignment? To each their own I guess.

But hey, what's your opinions? You ask Qs - you want us to answer your assignment?

Tell the world what you think friend, and then maybe we can 'talk...

Till then...

-peace out-

Irritator said...

Some people have experienced this so called encounter with god through hearing his/her voice, seeing so called wonders and connecting with god on many levels of communication.

I still don't buy all this encounter with god hocus pocus just because the experience was 'real'. What justifies it? Christians always claim to have a 'true' encounter with God and claim that he is the real God just because they have never experienced with other gods. Nowadays, the supernatural manifests in the natural in many ways that are not connected with just the God that Christians believe in.

Having said that, i am not here to criticise but rather wanting to look at this issue from a different angle.

Anyone care to comment or enlighten us on the issue at hand?

Faith Kim said...

There are many gods in this world that one can claim, but then which is the true and living one? Isn't God suppose to be someone supernatural and yet alive as a person? I think I just have one thing to say in regards to this question, you really want to know the truth and living God, all you need is to see in the life of the person, is there a light in that person's life that captures you? The peace, joy, love, gentleness, self control...the attributes in one's life.
What is in the inside would show on the outside....even a lot of "Christians" are still struggling with their weakness, we are not able to change by our own strength. Having Christ into our hearts is the first step but there are more to our Journey of destiny! Its the end only till we breath our last breath on this earth! We are living for something much more which is eternal!!

Anonymous said...

lemuel are you going to talk anot?

Darwin said...

Oh my god!! Why you christian still wanna talk about this topic?

There is no god!!! Haven't you read Charles Darwin's "origin of species"? That's a classic, man!!! I thought seminaries teaches that we should read and get to know others also? Why you christians always forces your own believes into other's throats?
Why must there be a god? Can we just exist for no reason and evolve? Why you christian must fix everything to a creator, a higher being, a greater cause just in the name of god's love? Let's just live and die. After all, we are contributing to the next great evolution.

Tham Wan said...

Allow me to do a dangerous thing here: play the "devil's advocate" and introduce you to the atheist/secularist Sam Harris. Harris suggests that faith and reason cannot come together and that the problems of humanity are a result of faith. Here is his site: You can view the "debates" section of his drive where he talks with various leaders of theistic religions about the existence of God. I am confident your faith AND reasoning is strong enough to handle Sam Harris. I will be praying for you and all your classmates.

Anonymous said...

I dun think God's gonna waste His time trying to prove to you lot that He exists. Open your eyes!..Look around you!

keep it up Lem...