Thursday, May 22, 2008

Church Camp 2008

Date: 17-19 May 2008
Venue: Bayu Beach Resort, Port Dickson.
Speaker: Rev. Christopher Mun (Tabernacle of Worship)
Theme: Building Strong Disciples

So I guess I need some kind of camera, but my handphone's camera really will NOT cut it. So we shall wait till the camp pictures turn up on someone else's blog...

Anyway the camp was shorter than the usual 4D 3N. We were trying to make it easier for all church members to make it to the camp. The camp fees was also relatively low (if compared to previous church camps). However many church members were still unable to afford it. In came the church and some generous church members, they sponsored the others who were not able to afford the RM180 camp fees. However, Rev. Christopher Mun did share about the similar problem in his church camps. Tabernacle of David's solution to the problem is to set a budgeted amount aside to subsidize the camp fees for all church members. There are many ways to skin a cat, so Canaan Church will have to find a way that works for ourselves.

Anyway I led the worship for the first session, followed by Joyce, then Angela, and finally Joshua. Joyce and Angela are first-timers. So in light of that they did well. I think Angela could grow into the role, however she would be leaving for UK around September. She has been part of the worship team for so long, now she's taking vocal lessons to improve herself. I do not think Angela reads my blog, nonetheless, I have decided to conforce (convince-force, a new word coined by the camp committee) her to lead worship in the church. I'm sure after 2 or 3 times, she will become a great worship leader. All she has to do is not talk so fast when she gets nervous...

Rev Christopher Mun also communicated God's word with passion and some humour. I remember his main ideas throughout the camp:

  1. Complete Devotion
  2. Complete Trust
  3. Complete Service
  4. Stand firm
  5. Be bold
  6. Be strong
I think that's most of it, might have left out 1 or 2.

I was really anticipating Sunday. Jerome Liew my classmate from BCM found out that I will be in PD for church camp and invited us to a friendly futsal game with his church - Glad Tidings Port Dickson. For some reason many of the older youths did not come for the church camp this time, so we were left with a group of younger players. We were playing catch up most of the game, then came Derrick Siow who was playing goal keeper for the first half. Derrick was immediately dubbed our secret weapon as he was goalkeeping for the first half of the game. He was now given the job of marking the opposition's goalkeeper. Then our goals started popping in because Derrick did such a great job of distracting and blocking their goalkeeper's view. Derrick became an even bigger distraction when he tore his pants big time! It was not the usual tear between the groin, it was like the whole front part of his pants was tearing off! Major distraction there. Anyway, we lost the game by a slim 12-10 (we think), nobody knows the score for sure except Chris, so we shall take his word for it.

This camp is the very first for Mikayla. Melanie and I were worried in the weeks leading up to the camp as Mikayla was unhappy and uncomfortable when we were outside of our home. However when she arrived there she was fine with the crowd and with people carrying her.

All in all it was a good camp. The atmosphere in camp was very different from what I have previously experienced. I guess it is a good kind of different. I look forward to the church growing deeper this year as we look to build stronger disciples.

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