Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reflecting on the 47th General Council

The beginning of a new era...

Credential holders with the Assemblies of God have previously received a letter from Rev. Dr. Vincent Leoh, the general superintendent of the Assemblies of God of Malaysia. The letter stated his intention to step down as the leader of the denomination fastest growing denomination in Malaysia. Immediately there was a buzz on who was going to succeed this great leader. Rev. Dr. Vincent Leoh has in office for 8 years, he was elected into office after Rev. Dr. Prince Guneratnam held that position for an amazing 26 years. When compared it seems like Rev. Dr. Vincent Leoh has only held the post for a short time, however, 8 years is a long time to be leading an entire denomination.

The business meetings were long, but the breaks were very enjoyable. The pastors and church workers from all over Malaysia were all able to catch up with each other. When the new executive brethren were finally all elected and all the reports for the past 2 years were all made, the time came for Rev. Dr. Vincent Leoh to pass on the "mantle" to Rev. Ong Sek Leang. He was the man that was chosen by the voting members (the reverends and the pastors) of the AG of Malaysia.

Earlier I had an opportunity to speak to Rev. Ong, I congratulated him on being chosen as the man to lead us on to the next level. As I was designated to be the official photographer for the event, he requested for me to be ready to take the pictures for the "handing over". Curiously I asked him what was being "handed over", was it a cloak (like with Elijah and Elisha)? He then replied with a positive answer. It seems there was a "mantle" that was made during the time of Rev. Dr. Prince Guneratnam, it was passed down to Rev. Dr. Vincent. Now the tradition is started and the "mantle" which is in actuality a sash, will be passed from one superintendent to the next. In my ignorance my attempt at a joke with the general superintendent elect turned out to be exactly what was happening.

The handing over was indeed a grand event. Rev. Dr. Vincent made his final speech as the general superintendent of the AG of Malaysia, mentioning the urgency of the end times and the need to be ready and to reach out to our cousins, the sons of Ishmael. He spoke of it with such passion, he had to hold back the tears, I too was moved.

The camera in hand was very helpful as it gave me license to get up close to the what was happening. The sash was handed over, it was placed over Rev. Ong's shoulders. What a burden and privilege it must have been to put take on such a role. The whole fellowship rose to their feet in approval and support. For a while my mind drifted, I wondered what I would do if I took up a role like such. Then Rev. Ong on behalf of the entire fellowship, presented Rev. Dr. Vincent with a token of our appreciation. Rev Ong mentioned that it was something big and grand, something that cannot be hidden. It was an encased crystal bowl/chalice. Aesthetically, it did really do anything for me. But again my mind wondered, and I could almost feel the honour, the privilege it must have been to receive something like this for the work that he has done.

One great man to the next. I wondered, when will I arrive at such a level in my own ministry. So many great ministers were present at the 47th General Council. This Sunday I will be off to speak in my very first youth camp. When compared to what these great men have done, it seemed small, tiny, puny even. However when it comes to ministry it is never, NEVER, NEVER, about the numbers. With smaller numbers you do need to adjust the method when compared to larger groups. However I strongly believe that if we focus on numbers we give birth to numbers, but if we focused on life, our ministry will give birth to lives. God is looking not for people who are "successful", in that sense. He is looking for each one of us, whoever we are, wherever we are to be faithful. These great men were faithful men. I pray one day I will be as faithful as the great men and women that I have had the privilege to meet during the General Council.

Much to learn, much to learn...


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