Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just An Update...

Parents are back in town, but only for one week.

Dad is in Indonesia doing some accreditation for a school there. His new Toshiba Protege was left with me, there was some mix up when he bought it, there was supposed to be a 4gig RAM but there was only 2gigs. So he took my laptop and I was left with his. After testing out the Vista for almost a week I have decided to give Vista a great big two thumbs down. Always suspected it to be so, but finally using it I realized how slow the machine was even with 4gigs worth of RAM. Now I miss my laptop. The absence of my laptop is the reason for the silence in my blog. Don't have any of my stuff on this com.

That's dad. Mom however had the pleasure of staying back with Mikayla, thus freeing me up to catch up with some errands.

So top of the list was changing the brake pads for my Jaguh (should get some pix of my bike...). Riding a bike with barely any rear brakes was both a test of skill as well as (dumb) faith. With minimal rear brakes I managed to survive ferrying around Phinehas Mathius (a Pastors' Kid and fellow minister) when he visited KL last week. Also fetched Marcus back from church after he, very diligently, worked with Andrea Bong on a song that we will most likely sing this weekend - Cover The Earth. This is the first time that the brakes have really been working the way it should since I bought it about a year ago, so it was fun putting the brakes to work.

Also managed to do a fair bit of banking.

With Mikayla's grandparents watching her we were also able to have a nice dinner with some good friends in celebration of Ke Xin's birthday. Happy ??th Birthday Ke Xin!!! We were supposed to eat at this place in Solaris called "Garage" or something like that, however because it was Ke Xin's birthday the shop declared it as a holiday and they were not opened. Had to change plans, so we ate at the restaurant next door which were ignorant of what a big and important day it was. Ole Ole Bali's food was very nice, something different but with the large serving, we were all more than satisfied. Had a nice time catching up with each other since we are all getting caught up more and more with other stuff. What we used to have in common was church, but now some are in other churches and some others are caught up with work. I really hope and pray that I can do something to get them back to our very first common ground - church.

Next on the list is to tune the engine of my Juara (not to be mistaken with my Jaguh). The engine has been out of whack since some noob mechanic did the top overhaul. My timing belt gave way smack on the 120,000KM mark. I know timing belt is to be changed every 60,000KM, but I thought it coult wait a few hundred KMs more. Didn't know they engineered the belts with such precision. Can't bring it to just any mechanic as the Juara has a rather different engine and electronics. So have to bring it to the pros (and pay more). Rather get it done right once than to have to keep on bringing it back over and over again.

Apart from that I am also looking forward to catching a movie with Melanie sometime this week. We have not watched ANY movie since Kung Fu Panda, which, I believe, is almost 3 months ago.

Since my com is not around this will just be a simple update from me to break the silence in my blog.

For all of you out there who keeps up with my blog... I'm still alive.


Stephen said...

An expensive lesson to learn with cars. As far as cars are concerned it is better not to be "penny wise pound foolish".

BTW, when are you going to allow me to keep your Jaguh for a week to reminiscent my past glory?

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

Was not about saving money, but just did not have the time.

But you can have my bike, no problem. I'll take your BMW as collateral ok? >.<

Stephen said...

Fair trade..