Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Worship List 081102

So I'm here at the end of another, if not busy, eventful week. I had a wedding dinner to attend, my good friend David Lim was in town for a song writing competition, and yes, I worship led again. When I'm well prepared and have a clear idea where I am leading the church in worship, I really look forward to it. However this time I felt I was less prepared than I would like to be. There was just one up side for me, my guitar is back from the shop and all ready to be plugged in and to go live! So my baby was going to get her first chance at "singing" in front of my church.

Anyway I decided on the theme of God's glory, I wanted to lead the church into God's presence and have his glory revealed to us. So here's the song list:

  1. Glory by Hillsong United (E)
  2. Cover The Earth by Lakewood (A)
  3. Forever by Hillsong (D-A)
  4. One Thing Have I Desired unknown (A)
  5. Oh The Presence of Your Glory by Ron Kenolly (A-C)

At the end of everything I am thankful that God helped me do a reasonably good job. I think the worship was inspiring, but how it turned out just didn't satisfy me. I wanted more, I want excellence, I want to do my best, and nothing less, nothing less.

Everything went well, apart from one of our keyboard adaptors being out of commission, but minus one keyboard, the music was still quite good and tight, considering that we were doing a new song (Cover The Earth), and also a musically more technical song (Oh The Presence of Your Glory), the church still responded well to the songs. However I was just not satisfied, it feels like it just lacked a certain X factor. During our evaluation the team felt that the practice session was better than the actual worship time, we unanimously agreed.

It just keeps coming back to me... what was missing? There was just something missing and I cannot put my finger on it. I don't think the rest of the team is as bothered by it as I am. But I really want to identify it and make sure our worship team doesn't happen again. Maybe it's just me suffering from a heavy week.


Stephen said...

I will be leading worship this Sunday. Thought would like to share my songs list:-

1) Happy Days (Time Hughes)
2) Let the heavens rejoice
3) Hosanna (Paul Baloche)
4) For All You've Done (Hillsong)
5) One More Time (Katinas)
6) My Saviour My God (Aaron Shust)

Stephen said...

Something is missing, huh???

Read my article on "Bearing Fruits" at www.ironhot.blogspot.com

Nothing has changed with the way God works in us, be it, worship lead, preaching, sharing etc....

Mike Leo said...

Wah... Sunday song list pun nak taruh dalam blog ah?

Tak boleh email keh?

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

Eh... just for sharing la...

and it helps other song leaders too. You'll be surprised.

It also gives me chance to reflect on how well (or bad) I did when I led worship.

Anyway, your blog got more "rubbish" than me -.-" zzzzz

Stephen said...

I would encourage Mike Leo to read my blog www.ironhot.blogspot.com

The articles such as: (1) Drunken Master, (2) Iron Sharpens Iron, & (3) Pumping Iron.

Phil 4:8

pam said...

lemuel, do you have any link to mp3 of this song, "One Thing Have I Desired unknown (A)"

am trying to look for it. be it wma, wmv, gp4.. anything.

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

Many people have been asking me for the song. But I too cannot find it.

It is really a beautiful song. I learnt it during my internship in Faith Charismatic Center. I was told by them that it's a really old song. They too don't know where to find it and where they got it from. HOWEVER, the tune does not sound like an old tune, it sounds more like a new tune, even though the lyrics is KJV.

Anyway, I think I will try to record that song in a very simple way on my computer and upload it here for all of you guys that are asking for it. Pam, you are not the only one looking for that song, other Canaan members have been asking for it. Although I doubt I will have much time to do it anytime soon. I will nonetheless try to make a simple recording to share the song with all of you.

pam said...

:p hehe, thanks!