Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Worship List 090118

New year, still unsure of what it holds. However I did expect some chaos in the worship team as the worship schedule was never confirmed. Some of the musicians are also feeling burnt out and I am no different. With all that in mind, I decided for a return to the basics. I picked simple and familiar songs that both musicians and congregation knew by heart. Songs were picked around the song Heart of Worship. This was my call for us to return once again to that first love and reconnect.

The blog has been silent for sometime now, I am keeping to the don't-say-anything-if-you-don't-have-anything-good-to-say policy some have. However I really wonder if that is beneficial for anybody. Would things be better if we just left them alone? Sometimes, but not all the time, so what about the other times? I normally make the mistake of taking action too fast, this time I'm going to try to make the other mistake instead. It goes against my instincts and my believes. But what the heck...

On the bright side, my guitar sounded awesome! The simplicity of the songs allowed my guitar to really ring through. Makes me melt... Anyway here's the worship list:

  1. Lord I lift You Name On High (G)
  2. We Wanna See (G)
  3. Potter's Hand (G)
  4. Heart Of Worship (G)
  5. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever [chorus only] (G)

I need to rediscover, reconnect, return, receive, revive... Do YOU need to?

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