Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Worship List 081221

This would be the ultimate session of the year, the Christmas service. The service was going to be attended by many who are new to the church. So the pressure was on, and that's the ways I liked it. I was told that I would have and extended session. So I roped in David Yeoh to help me out with some songs to make sure we could make it through the whole session.

Here's the list:

  1. We Wish You A Merry Christmas (G)
  2. That’s What We Came Here For (A)
  3. One Way (Bb)
  4. Friend of God (D)
  5. Beautiful Saviour (A)
  6. One Thing Have I Desired (A)
  7. How Great Is Our God (A) chorus and bridge
  8. Feliz Navi Dat (A)

From what I saw from the stage the church's response was good, I guess the church was ready for it on Christmas. According to Donny, this session was the bomb, we had a pro sound man on scene to mix it up for us. Also the rented drum set was good, and Jeremy was steady and did as well as he did during practice (which is quite a rare). The backing vocals, although still rather raw, did provide me with good backing, allowing me to concentrate on leading the congregation rather than just sing the song.

All in, this was a fantastic end to 2008 for the worship team. At the start of the year I observed and around May I stepped in to help out with the worship department. Feedback from the team informed me that we are headed in the right direction. We now have a good set of work ethics, a good core team of musicians who are not only talented but are also passionate and really feel that this is the ministry that God has called them to. I pray that next year, as we have a good foundation in place now, that we will begin to develop and grow this ministry. The way I see it, 2008 was pretty much a year of providing stability and maintenance. Perhaps 2009 can be a year where we begin to grow into a great ministry. Not sure what or how, but let's keep our eyes open to see God's move.

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