Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Worship List 090222

This session would very likely represent my last session worship leading. As many of you know I am preparing start my career as a minister. So I have to free myself up to focus a bit better, but that would be a whole other post. If you read this page you will one of the first to find out as soon as anything is confirmed.

I believe we are in a certain season now, many people are facing tough times. It is no different with people in Canaan. For some it is tough financial times, for some it's tough spiritual times, some others are facing physical sicknesses, for others still it could even be tough mental/emotional times. Whatever it is, I believe this is true for many people all around the world. In view of that, this week the worship list was all about needing God all the more in our time of need, knowing that he is faithful even during tough times.

Here's the list:

  1. Forever (G)
  2. By Your Side (G)
  3. I Will Run To You (G)
  4. Still (C)
  5. The reason I Live Is To Worship You (C)
  6. Draw Me Close (C) - chorus only

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