Monday, April 13, 2009


It's been a little over a month since I joined Foursquare Gospel Church (FGC). I've been here since 1st March. I have been tying up a lot of loose ends from my previous time in Canaan as well as some personal plans that I have made. I had travelled to Philippines to cheer my father on as he was inaugurated as the first asian president of APTS. Managed to catch up with my family. Elroi and Ian works crazy hours and office is really their home, and my office is my home (I work from home). There was also a trip to Thailand that Pas. Henry asked me to join him, and before that was the AG Ministers' Retreat. Now I can finally say that they are all behind me and I am ready to kick into gear and get focused on FGC.

Good Friday was celebrated with a "Tabernacle Worship Concert". We had an extended worship time, mixed in with a little prayer time for our church, followed by a flash presentation entitled "He Chose The Nails", then another first - I served Holy Communion to the church. It was interesting to note that FGC uses cornflakes for the bread. Everything went well, although I wished I paid more attention in BCM! We also had a great feast after the Good Friday service. There were many newcomers (a.k.a. noobs) that day, some of which will turn up on Easter Sunday as well. Ke Xin, Keith, Susie, and Chris finally turned up at my church, it was their first time at my church. I hope they will be able to find a church that is suitable for them. If you guys are reading this post... Hurry up and settled down with a church, there is so much more that God has in stored for your lives!

I also had to attend my cousin's farewell dinner on Saturday. Keisha and Serenity will be leaving to New Zealand to live with their father. I was considering on skipping this one as I was really not feeling well, but I had promised aunty Tham Ping that I will be there and I also wanted to say good bye to my cousins. I did not have enough energy to spend more time with them, also I did not want them to get sick as well. I left the dinner early and spent the rest of the evening under covers and perfecting my Easter sermon as much as I can.

Easter morning dawned on me and I was feeling much better, although I was still not completely recovered I was well enough. All night I was claiming God's promise that by his stripes I am healed. I was happy that I am not bed ridden. I worked hard on my sermon and I really wanted to share it with my congregation. Before the service started I whacked some flu medicine and some PCM. I was hoping the drug will keep me stoned long enough to get me through the sermon.

Initially it seemed as though there would be quite a few people attending service. I still don't know what the regular attendance is, I just assumed that there would be about 25 people on a regular Sunday. However as the worship went on people started to come in. By the time I took the mic the church was quite filled up. I think there was about 35 people there. My estimation might still be way off as there would be some getting used to before I can make more precise estimates. Announcements were made and then I started my first sermon to my church. Here are the main points of the sermon:

Text: Luke 24:36-49
  1. Easter means Complete Peace (verse 36-38)
  2. Easter means Unbelievable Joy (verse 39-43)
  3. Easter means Eternal Hope (verse 44-45)
  4. Easter means a Powerful Witness (verse 46-49)

I'm sure I will be experiencing many other "firsts" here in FGC. I am relishing the challenge before me. Next week 19th of April, on Sunday, I will be having my first meeting with the church deacons. Looking forward working with the deacons and with God to grow his church.

This post is so scattered. The drugs running through my system has got me all messed up. Just felt that I need to make a new post to update everyone on what's going on. Need to sign off here and do something that requires less brain activity (like DotA).


Mel Ng said...

Hey good stuff sunday. First times are always so awesome. Get well soon, and stop playing Dota and go to bed you big kiddo!

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

Thanks Mel, I am sure we that there will be more awesome stuff from our church. Will need your support to make it happen. I'm not giving you a choice, I'll be counting you in yea... =D

You have a great way with the noobs, the freebies and your usual sugar-high self really breaks the ice. You should hand out more of the sweet stuff to me, maybe I could get as high? Doubt it though.

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