Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Woke Up to...

...this view. This is from the balcony at my parent's apartment in APTS. Stunning.

The pictures really don't do justice, you got to see it for yourself.

It just makes me think about God and his beauty.

I also woke up to this (but this happened later in the afternoon):

Today at about 1pm, my father was inaugurated as the 9th president of APTS. He was also the first president from an Asian country. It's really a season of change, I really sense a difference in the spiritual climate. I want to discern and follow where God wants me to go and where he wants me to change.

Everyone's excited, everyone's proud. Pastors Ong Seck Leang, Chris Pak, Chin Keng Leong, and Lim Yeu Chuen and others flew all the way from Malasyia flew over to show their support.

The president was commissioned then he gives his inauguration speech.

Then the APTS board members prayed for him. Pas. Ong Seck Leang led the prayer of dedication for my parents.

Later that day, after all the fanfare of the inauguration and graduation ceremony, we hit the city. Tonight it was mostly makan time. We were "asian" enough to be able to try out all the local street stuff.

Of course there had to be balut! Bobby and Sarah you all didn't make it here because your parents didn't allow... this is what you're missing out on!

Balut is the egg of a duck which is almost matured. There are a few "grades", 14 day old, 21 day old, etc. I tried it before, didn't like the texture, but Elroi and Ian seemed to really enjoy it, I should have a go at it again soon.

Jackie who travelled with us almost threw up. She was all red-eyed and teared up and couldn't bear the sight. Melanie and Anne has yet to taste the whole thing, they just took a few nibbles. At the end I had a taste of the leftovers, the egg white part, but that wasn't nice. Got to get me the duck itself.

That's just a short update, we're on our way out for some sight seeing and hopefully a lot of shopping.

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