Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Moving On...

I have completed my course work for the course "God, Revelation, Man". I emailed the assignment to Rev. Lim Yeu Chuen last Friday, and I was on time, which is really a rarity! I find Pas. Lim's class tougher than others due to the long term paper that he expects from his students. But I find that it is through the term papers that I really go in depth and really get a grasp on whatever the topic of the paper is.

However, this time around Pas. Lim decided to try out a new format for this course. He decided to give us the option of the usual 15-page paper, or to start a blog and interact with the readers of our blogs, on top of writing a short 6-page paper. This was a very refreshing idea, and as an internet-savvy student, I immediately decided on the latter option, hence, this was how this blog came about. I guess this is why I did not hand up my paper late as I usually do.

"God, Revelation, Man" is more commonly known as "Systematic Theology 1". "Systematic Theology 2 and 3" consist of subjects like Christology, and Ecclesiology and Eschatology respectively. I have already completed "Christ and Salvation" (which is Systematic Theology 2), and "Church and Last Things" (which is Systematic Theology 3) previously. Now all I need to complete my Diploma in Theology from BCM, is to pass my "New Testament Biblical Interpretation" course. NTBI is the final compulsory subject, and I already have more than enough credits to complete me DipTh. The course will be offered by BCM next term, so I am really excited to graduate and to get more involved in ministry.

I want to thank all of you for reading and interacting with me through this blog, you have helped me to complete this subject. I will continue to maintain this blog and will try to make small changes to make the blog look better and more useful. I want to continue to address some theological here, but at the same time also widen the scope of this blog to cover some ministries that I am involved in as well as to give you a small peek into my life. Many people have been pestering me for more pix and vids of Mikayla (my almost 3-month old baby), so far I have been telling them that this blog is for theological discussions. Now I will be able to get more hits from Mikayla's fans.

Hopefully this blog can be used as a tool not only to express my personal reflections, but it will help others to ask the right questions, and hopefully offer a reasonable answer to their search. Please continue to check back from time to time. At the moment I am already considering a few questions that I am faced with in real life (not a question from my lecturer). I hope to be able to hear your views out, come to a good conclusion and apply it into my life and ministry.

Till then.


joshuaongys said...

eh macha!

glad that you've completed this course work of urs.. well am sorry i didnt really participate in the posts u have in ur blog, i guess i don't really know how to comment your posts =) those stuffs are too deep for me to comment..

nyway keep in touch hahaha

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

All I can say to you (and anyone else who feels the same way) is: do not be afraid of the unknown.

Anyway, talking theology is simply talking abt God. So just come and participate. Read my post, and if you can read some other opinions, then when you like just make a post no matter what level you are at.

In saying that I also want to encourage all of us not to be "bimbo Christians". God gave us a brain, I believe he intends for us to use it... so use it!

What better way then to use it, than using our brains to get to know God better.

Check back if you can, I'm sure there's plenty that we can learn from each other. You can also keep updated on Mikayla's stuff, I'm sure many are interested in this.

P/S: Saw you at the bus stop at near your house last week. But couldn't stop in time... no fate...

joshuaongys said...

lolz hahahah make a u-turn den!! nyways okay.. will check from time to time =)

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

Already got new post wei... Take a stab at it.