Thursday, April 17, 2008

Should We Worship The Holy Spirit?

Recently there has been a convergence of a few situations that led me to ask this next question. I would really appreciate your input on this matter as I search for an answer or a solution to this.

As you would already know, as far as this blog is concerned, my assignment is now completed. Now this question I post is a search for better understanding.

Let me fill you in on what happened and how the different situations converged to raise this next question:

Situation #1: As you would know, I have just completed my BCM term paper on the Trinitarian Godhead. There was also a recent blog post on the same subject.

Situation #2: This you did not know, the worship team in my church (Canaan Church) has set a theme for the month of May and part of June. The theme set is the Holy Spirit. We just started this "theme" thingy and we were not very explicit on what we meant, but it seemed all the worship leaders and pastors understood each other and what we meant with this theme. The theme was chosen as Pentecost Sunday is coming up and our church camp is also around the corner. This theme seemed very timely, and, "right".

Situation #3: There has been a few people whom I have spoken with who asked some questions that directly and/or indirectly related to this question.

Perhaps I could go as far as to say that God is speaking to me, and maybe even to my whole church on this matter.

Here's the question:
Should we love the Holy Spirit? Should we worship the Holy Spirit?

The question is seems deceptively simple. I have been pondering this question for a couple of weeks now. Before I come to my a conclusion I would like to have some of your input on the matter. I hope that we will all be able to come to a good conclusion, that will affect our lives positively.


Anonymous said...
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Michael B. said...

Hi, My name is Mic (Michael Bullock) and I'm glad to read your interest on The Holy Spirit. To answer your first question, YES... of course you should love Him. He's The Spirit of Christ left here to assist us in all aspects of this Christian life so our walk is in alignment with the will of The Lord. As for you second (and main question I'm sure) NO... we are not to worship Him directly, but allow Him to beckon us to, and lead us in to worship of The Christ and Holy Father. The Holy Spirit has many purposes, and by far is the most important person on the face of the earth. Not knowing Him in essence is not truthly knowing God (at least personally... which is all that really matters), Eph. 2:18. Your question in a nutshell can probably be answered best in Jude 1:20 where it states to "pray in The Spirit," not 'to The Spirit.' Romans 8:26-27 gives you and idea how critical He is for us, because He actually prays(through us the perfect prayer)on our behalf. The groans it's referring to is what's called 'speaking in tongues' and only happens after being 'filled with The Spirit.' So after salvation, this should be priority #1. Many other wonderful things also come with the baptism (of fire) and filling of The Holy Spirit. Actually every aspect of daily life He instructs us in (in addition to prayer) making Him absolutely priceless. If He wasn't so essential Christ wouldn't have stated that it was actually better for his disciples the He leave the send The 'Counselor.' If you don't know Him (and His presence) like you feel you should, pray without ceasing to know Him before Christ returns and it's too late. "Seek and ye shall find," and nows the time!!! -LOVE Michael

Anonymous said...

i found your page sir as I am pondering the same question. god is worthy of our worship, jesus is worthy of our worship, since the trinity are equal should the holy spirit also be worthy of our worship ? certainly he is part of the god head and does much for us and it seems we oftern worship based on role, so for exsample much of our worship to god is about him in a creational role, in a ruling soverign role, jesus we worship in a saving role, we wiorship him as the perfect sacrificial lamb so i dont think theologicly i would have a problem of worshiping the holy spirit with my worship being directed at him being the perfect councler, the strength to walk , my trusted advisor, he whos power to change my life is never lacking.
just a few disorganised thoughts to think about, sorry for the word vomit

Globalpanorama said...

I agree with Micheal except that the holy spirit is jesus's spirit. its not. Jesuss spirit is giving us acces to receive the Holy Spirit that i think its the God's spirit.. My mind questions this..should we only worship the Father. I am converted muslim..many years reding the bible. i believe trinity. When u read words of god , we glorify the father, the son ; worship the FATher in Christ with the holy spirit...
Many of churchs they only worship jesus.. What about Father...

Cody said...

In agreeing with Global, Matthew 27:50 tells us Jesus cried out with His last breath and yielded His spirit (pneuma- or breath). There is a separation from the Holy Spirit and the spirit inside Jesus. Jesus did not divinity inside of Him, because He was divinity.

Dan said...

The only way to answer the question properly is to look at the Scriptures. Matthew 4:10 "Away from me Satan! for it is written, worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only."
OK, does this mean only God the Father? No, because we find in Revelation 5:13 Every creature everywhere singing "To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb (Jesus) be praise and honour and glory and power for ever and ever."

So when Jesus reminded the Devil that only God is to be worshipped, it's pretty clear that this means the Godhead, not just our Father in heaven. And the Holy Spirit is fully part of the Godhead, is he not?

So we should worship God, and there is the end of it.

S.A.Rajaiah said...

The best thing I should do is to avoid all that is not mentioned in the scriptures. Even if we have doubt, we should not engage in such things, as we are sure about the Will of God..We have no doubt that the Holy Spirit is a person and He directs, reminds,empowers believers in various ways, we need to thank Him for His guidance and help; He involves in our prayers, motivate us to love God and obey God;That is all true, but direct our worship toward Him, is an act not supported in the written Word of God.In revelation we see God the Father and the Lamb of God in thrones, they are being worshiped.
This is a big question, may the Lord help us to understand.
S.A.Rajaiah, Vellore, India.