Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Botanik Family Church Youth Camp

Date: 1-3 June 2008
Venue: Bayu Beach Resort, Port Dickson
Theme: 180 Degrees of Change

The compulsory "Crazy Shot"

Wow it’s taken me about TWO months to get here. My daughter is the one that controls my time now. Want an appointment with me? Check with my daughter first.

Anyway I finally have some time to put to words and onto this blog my very first experience as a youth camp speaker.

Well I was contacted by Billy who was from this church in Botanik Garden, Klang. Very far, I stay in Selayang. They have previously approached me to come to speak to their youths in their family seminar, however I had to decline their kind invitation due to clashes in my schedule. My initial reaction when Billy’s invitation got to me about 2 months ahead of the camp, was one of fear – not nervousness, but fear. Fear was a factor. Thank God he has prepared me in previous occasions to be ready to face this fear. I duly accepted Billy’s invitation. The theme given was 180 degrees of change, something which I have not previously spoken before. This meant I had to prepare from scratch. The messages would be fresh and hot out of the oven.

My sidekicks in action...

The camp was to start on a Sunday evening. So I had the opportunity to attend service in Canaan. Michel Ong the pastor’s kid (PK) was planning to visit me to meet Mikayla, but I had to be at this camp. After checking with Billy, I asked Michel if she wanted to join me in this camp. As they were dropping Michel off for the camp, Michel’s family had the opportunity to attend Canaan’s Sunday worship, which was a pleasant surprise. I have previously asked Michel not only to join the camp but to be ready to contribute something to the camp. So she would be like my other sidekick. The main sidekick roles have already taken by my wife and daughter. I tell you the truth, you will not believe what a cute baby can do to boost your likeability factor! So wife and daughter had to be there. “Other sidekick” role of being the pretty and available chick was assigned to Michel, that should keep the guys tuned in during the duration of the camp. She could also connect with the girls in the camp and tell them what a great guy the speaker is… nothing like hearing it from one of their own.

The other sidekick... Remember this game?

Anyway after Sunday service in church we had the opportunity to have lunch with Melanie’s father and sisters (Bobby is included as one of Melanie’s sisters here). We had some Chinese food in the Gardens… nice! So we headed off to Bayu Beach Resort, P.D.… AGAIN.

By the time we all arrived the campers were already all checked in. While waiting for Billy to come out to meet us and pass us our room keys, we realize that there were so many churches having their camps there. There were another 2 churches that were already there. Later we found out that there were other churches that were also coming in later in that week. Even during my own church camp there were so many churches. Bayu Beach Resort is being blessed by the churches of Malaysia. It is a nice place with a nice beach, and some attractive facilities at a econimical rate. The place is near perfect for church camps, except the place might need a facelift soon (getting a bit old now).

Before the first session in the same hall that Canaan Church used, I met the campers. I was surprised that there were many who were still primary school students. So this meant I would have to adjust my sermons to cater to a younger crowd. Anyway the sessions got underway. The sessions were simple. There was this Italian-Chinese guy by the name of Toefl (yes, like the English exam) who led worship in most of the sessions. Just a guitar and a keyboard, nice and simple. I had the chance to speak in four separate sessions.

To remind the youths in Botanik Family Church, here is a short description of the messages:

1. Life of Peter (Gospels and Acts)

a. Peter the fishermen
i. Faithless Peter
ii. Foolish Peter
iii. Fearful Peter
b. Peter the fisher of men
i. Peter the Leader
ii. Peter the Fearless
iii. Peter the Wise
iv. Peter the Faithful

2. Transformation (Romans 12:1-2)

a. Rebirth: “Living sacrifice”
b. Replace: “Do not conform but be transformed”
c. Renew: “Renewing of your mind”
d. Realize: “What God’s will is”

3. Formula for Renewal (2 Chronicles 7:14)

a. “If my people” – Renewal begins with God’s people
b. “Humble themselves” – Renewal requires a change of heart
c. “Pray” – Renewal is powered by prayer
d. “Seek my face” – Renewal is found in God’s presence
e. “Turn from their wicked ways” – Renewal requires dying to our old self

4. Extreme Makeover (Galatians 5:16-26)

a. Our Problem
b. Our Picture
c. God’s Plan
i. Acknowledge God’s wonderful plan
ii. Believe God is the source of a true makeover
iii. Choose God’s ways always

By the end of the camp new friends were made and new relationships formed. Hopefully there will be more ministry opportunities for me to express myself, at this stage the opportunities also serve to help me grow as well. The experiences and the lessons learnt will be added to my curriculum vitae and will be useful for me in my future ministries.

For more pix from the camp, check out Michel’s album


DaSinner said...

Hi Lemuel, yeah it's Yew Keong =)

Congrats on speaking at your first youth camp! I'm sure its something you'll grow into over time.

To be honest, I wasn't supposed to lead on Sunday. Actually the person rostered had a bad throat, and so I had to fill in. Having said that, it was pretty fun - something I've really wanted to do.

I realised this on the weekend. How can you communicate all of who God is to you in a 3-minute song or five? Basically means that worship is and has to be a daily thing =)

Re your guitar - unfortunately I dont have a Taylor for sale. If I did, it probably wouldn't be =) I'm pretty sentimental about my guitars. Does Ebay ship to Malaysia?

Anyways, God bless you and your family in all you do =)

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

Well, you know what the chinese say la... When opportunities come charging we must grab it head on. You must have been faithful in your church, so when the chance come they knew who to turn to.

I know you don't have a Taylor. I was thinking that maybe you might know someone selling a good piece. I would rather buy a good second hand piece than a brand new one. I'm looking for the sound, not the brand. However the sound often comes with the brand. But I stumbled on an up and coming brand and managed to grab myself a piece before the price went up, will blog about it another time. What about McPherson guitars? Have you heard of those? If I remember correctly, they are made in Australia... Maybe I should pay you a visit >.<

DaSinner said...

Actually I've never heard of them. But i trust your taste =). And definitely pay us a visit at some point. I'll be back in Perth in January.

Read your posts on the worship team - always interesting trying to "prod" people to step up isn't it?

Actually one of the things I'll really miss in Scotland is my worship team, especially the J-lifers (what we call our youth ministry).

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

Intersting that we are having our conversation here...

Anyway, the post on playing better as a worship band is coming up. I have not posted it yet. Maybe you read another post. I'm working on the post now, it's coming up real soon.