Friday, September 5, 2008

My New Toys

My new toy is finally here!!! "It feels like Christmas" I told Steven Wong, our church sound man... really! Bobby was also waiting anxiously, but he was waiting for the other item that was arriving along with the Beta 58A.

I bought these on ebay few months back but the sellers would only ship to an American address. So San San, who was initially planning to come back for a holiday, said she would help me bring it back. So I bought the item and it was sitting pretty in her house till about 2 weeks ago. It arrived along with my "other new toy" - the Zoom 506 Bass multi effect pedal. The Zoom 506 Bass was purchased to encourage my church bassists to be more passionate about their instrument. I am basically buying this for Bobby to use. Timothy Raj and Derrick are also eager to try it out.

Anyway, here is a more (very) detailed description of the Beta 58A.

The Shure Beta 58A is a high-output supercardioid dynamic vocal microphone designed for professional sound reinforcement and project studio recording. It maintains a true supercardioid pattern throughout its frequency range. This insures high gain-before-feedback, maximum isolation from other sound sources, and minimum off-axis tone colouration. The Beta 58A has a shaped frequency response that is ideal for close-up vocals. The superb performance of this microphone is not affected by rough handling because of its rugged construction, proven shock mount system, and hardened steel mesh grille. Typical applications for the Beta 58A include lead vocals, backup vocals and speech.

• FeaturesSmooth, extended frequency response for outstanding sound for professional live vocal use
• Consistent supercardioid pattern provides the best gain-before-feedback among dynamic microphones
• Pneumatic shock mount reduces handling noise
• Frequency response: 50 to 16,000 Hz

This system includes:

Shure PGX4 receiver
Shure Beta 58A Microphone with PGX2 Transmitter
Power supply
User guide
Carrying case
Microphone clip

Technical Info:

Channel Frequencies:
Channel H6: 524.000 to 542.000 MHz
Channel J6: 572.250 to 589.875 MHz
Channel L5: 644.000 to 662.000 MHz

System Working Range: 100 m (300 ft.)Note: actual range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection, and interference

Audio Frequency Response (+/- 2 dB):
Minimum: 45 Hz
Maximum: 15 kHz(Overall system frequency depends on microphone element.)

Total Harmonic Distortion (Ref. +/- 33 kHz deviation, 1 kHz tone): 0.5 %, typical

Dynamic Range: >100 dB A-weighted

Operating Temperature Range:
18 deg. C (0 deg. F) to 50 deg. C (122 deg. F)
Note: battery characteristics may limit this range

Transmitter Audio Polarity:
Positive pressure on microphone diaphragm (or positive voltage applied to tip of WA302 phone plug) produces positive voltage on pin 2 (with respect to pin 3 of low impedance output) and the tip of the high impedance 1/4-inch output.

PGX4 Receiver:

Dimensions: 40 mm H x 181 mm W x 104 mm D (1.6 x 7.125 x 4.1 in.)

Weight: 327 g (11.5 oz.)

Housing: ABS

Audio Output Level (Ref. +/- 33 kHz deviation with 1 kHz tone):
XLR connector (into 600 & load): 19 dBV
1/4 inch connector (into 3000 & load): 5 dBV

Output Impedance:
XLR connector: 200 Ohms
1/4 inch connector: 1kOhm

XLR output:
Impedance balanced
Pin 1: Ground (cable shield)
Pin 2: AudioPin
3: No Audio

Sensitivity: 105 dBm for 12 dB SINAD, typical

Image Rejection: >70 dB, typical

Power Requirements: 12-18 Vdc at 150 mA, supplied by external power supply

PGX2 Handheld Transmitter:

Audio Input Level:
+2 dBV maximum at -10dB position
-8 dBV maximum at 0dB position

Gain Adjustment Range: 10dB

RF Transmitter Output: 30 mW maximum (dependent on applicable country regulations)

Dimensions: 254 mm x 51 mm dia. (10 x 2 in.) (including SM58 cartridge)

Weight: 290 grams (10.2 oz.) (without batteries)

Housing: Molded PC/ABS handle and battery cup

Power Requirements: 2 AA-size alkaline or rechargeable batteries

Battery Life: >8 hours (alkaline batteries)
What does all this mean? ...It means my mic ROCKS! Now to find my wireless guitar/clip-on mic pack. I'm already watching a few auctions on ebay now, hopefully I'll get as good a deal as my wireless handheld!


JoelWho said...

Hey bro, nice cool SHURE!

Champ2244 said...

You should check out a parcel forwarding company like Bongo International

They give you a US address and allow you to consolidate all your US purchases into one box. The process can save you hundreds of dollars. Check them out...

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

Wow... Thanks champ2244, that will really help so much!!! I'm an ebay-aholic. It will also help to have a US address to bid on US only auctions.

Btw, who are you? Do I know you? Have you used the parcel forwarding service before?

DaSinner said...

Someone's got GAS =)

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

Hey Yew Keong! ...uhm... What's GAS? I sound like a total noob on my own blog >.<

Looks like many of my readers are into my mic! If there are any out there who are considering one for your church (or for yourself), contact me, I would like to help you out.

I will post about my guitars someday.

Stephen said...

You should try selling my guitar too. Classical solid top with pickup...

peteANDrepeat said...

duh! He's from the company he's recommending (google "champ2244"). Word to the wise kids: don't trust companies that have to SPAM to get business.