Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When It Rains It Pours

Yes that was the story last weekend. Throughout the week the weather was scorching hot when the weekend came it poured so heavily with such heavy winds that Elroi, Bobby and I, who were initially watching TV, opted instead to be entertained by the crazy winds that pushed the potted plants outside my house over. Yup, that was the weather over the weekend.

My schedule was no different, I'm usually very relaxed (TOO relaxed for my liking) however this week it was absolutely choked up!

Pastor Daniel told me to plan a "Cat & Dog Seminar". It was to last from 19th (Friday) to 21st (Saturday) September. Had to plan for everything from the speaker's meals, transport and accommodations to the participants' registrations and meal. That's basically the whole gig. The seminar had a great message: Christianity is really not about us, it's about Christ (hence the name).

I will make another post on this seminar but for those of you who are curious, check out UnvellinGlory's website.

Back to my weekend...

After that very exhausting weekend of services, I also had to look forward to Graduating student's photo shoot. Yes, BCM students who are about to graduate are very vain. It's for BCM's Key Magazine. This happened on Monday 1:00PM-4:00PM.

Immediately after strutting my stuff for the cameras in BCM, I had to rush home bathe, dress up real nice, put on some more make up, and head off to Dewan Sivik P.J. for the Assemblies of God's EduCare and WidowCare fundraiser. YB Teresa Kok (yes, the ISA lady) was the guest of honour. This item would definitely have not made it onto my calendar if not for me hosting the event. Someone very nicely recommended me to emcee the event. For reasons I am strongly suspicious of Pastor Gideon Yong or Shanti (my co-host). when I find out who it is he/she is going to have to pay for this. Anyway watch this space if you would like to see some of the pix taken during the dinner. It will be posted as soon as I receive them.

Busy week for me, busy week for my blog as well... stay tuned for more details on the weekend.

Anyway this whole weekend turned out to be a series of great opportunities. I had the opportunity to plan an entire weekend of services; a chance to catch up with good friends, fellow "candidates for graduation", and future colleagues; and also an opportunity to host a very big charity event and make a difference for PKs (pastors' kids) of Malaysia.

It's finally Tuesday, and boy, am I glad it's Tuesday. For pastors and ministers it normally is a case of "TGIM" (instead of Thank God It's Friday), as Monday is usually the day off. However this weekend it's TGIT. I let out a sigh of relieve as I woke up today, but it was all premature... My baby got sick for the second time and it had to be today...

When it rains... it (absolutely) pours!

I look to you God... you are my strength.

Anyone reading this feeling like they need to catch a breath as well? Read this: Psalm 73

Verse 26 says:
My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

... amen.

*Feeling better already =)

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