Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Singapore and Back

I recently made a trip down to Singapore from 17th August (Sunday) to 22nd August (Friday). Melanie and Mikayla were with me and so were some of our closest friends. Angela, Deborah, Ke Xin, and Keith makes the 7 of us. Keith was there to attend a seminar to upgrade himself, he is a hairstylist, Ke Xin invited us to accompany her. We also wanted to spend some time with Angela and Deborah before they headed off to England to continue their studies.

We were initially planning to stay in my aunty's condominium in Laguna Green but some last minute stuff came up and we ended up crashing in Leon Lim's apartment. Thank God for providing us with accommodations even at the very last minute. I also have Leon to thank for being so generous and hospitable to me and a the group of pretty strangers. I'm sure he enjoyed the company as well.

The trip was very relaxing. We had a very loose schedule. We just hung out together till we felt like going out then we would hit the shopping malls. We basically had no items on our itenerary:

  1. Meet with Leon to check out accoustic guitars in view of purchasing in the future

  2. Have a meal with David and Nechelle

  3. Have a meal with former Canaan Church members (Nancy, Richard, Nico, etc.)
No we did not even bother with Sentosa Island as we found it too expensive and did not find anything worth paying for. Rather go shopping! Shopping is great therapy, just took our minds off whatever was happening back home.

We had so much fun, won't bother writing it all down. However to share my experience in Singapore, here are some pix of the trip.

* I realized that I'm not really a photo kinda guy, will try to get more pix to record the moments.
** I will also need to use some web album to get my pix organized.

On the wobbly Aeroline bus to Singapore. Mikayla (and Angela) makes funny faces whenever a camera is held up.

Mikayla and me in Takashimaya SC after our meal with David and Nechelle Lim.

On holiday everyone is happy... until the crappy food arrives! Malaysia's food is WAY better!

Daddy's cute princess

Yes, that's how Mikayla spent most of her time in Singapore. I feel like a kangaroo.

The (new) Yee Family at Suntec City

The rest of the group. Keith missed out on the shopping attending his course.

Mikayla watching Koi fish in Suntec City's Garden

The fairy bear mooning everyone >.<

Canaan members now residing in Singapore. It makes me so happy to know that they are STILL serving God where they are.

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