Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Mikayla!!!

Mikayla Yee Rencai 余仁采:
Born, 21/12/2008, 11:22am
Daughter of proud parents Lemuel Yee and Melanie Lim

Yes, it has already been one year, one year since my trustee ol' XDA II died on me in the hospital (watch this space for more on my Pocket PC), one year since my wife was rushed to the emergency ward at 5am, one year since I my freedom was all but lost, one year since what I came to know as MY life was gone... and I have never been so proud and happy. I now live for someone else.

Yes, Mikayla turned a big 1 (one) on the 21st December 2008 (Sunday). It was quite low key as Canaan's Christmas Open House was on the very same day. So the church was busy with all things Christmas and open housey. Melanie was particularly upset about that. I guess it's a maternal thing, Melanie informed me that she was doing all the hard work while I just "enjoyed" the process. THAT, my (male) friends is like the ultimate female trump card, and our que to shaddup. Anyway, it was all out of our control, whining about it was not going to do anything. We spent the whole day at the open house, where Melanie won a coffee maker. Lunch was free for all and free for all. Many people came, including friends from other churches. But there was not dinner...

Yes, we went out dinner after that long day. But there was little fanfare. Uncle Elroi and aunty Anne (not to be mistaken with the pretzel making one); uncle Bob; aunties Sarah, Rachel, and uncle Irvin; and kai yeh Kok Leong were those in attendance. We ate at one of our favourite restaurants - D'Fortune in Menjalara. And called it a (birth)day.

Next year there will be a small "Mikayla" update section on this blog. The demand is just too great, already Mikayla's life is more interesting than mine! She lives and charmed life...

Daddy's Diva =)


Mommy and daddy loves you so much. You are so cute, so beautiful. You are truly a "gift from God" to us and to our family. We pray that you will grow up to be God's gift to your church, and even to Malaysia and the rest of the world. Your kong kong has already mentioned (a.k.a. prophecied) that one of his grandchildren will be a pastor, would that be you? hmmm...

I am looking forward to the many many more experiences we will be having together.

I love you,
Daddy (mommy will have to get her own blog)
P/S: You're going to make daddy even more of a cry baby...

Tiramisu all for my baby... watch this space for the pix & vids of Mikayla vs. Tiramisu.

**some nostalgic moments:
January 2008: Gifts From God
September 2008: Mikayla's First Fever

First Days as our baby

First days in our now warmer and cozier home


talkingrubbish said...

Happy Birtday mikayla~~ kai ma love u too... *muack

RebeccaOw said...

That was a beautiful dedication to Mikayla.