Monday, March 2, 2009

In Transition

Perhaps most of you already know, but for the benefit of those who are still guessing or assuming, or for the rest of you who are totally still in the dark, this is the (not so) latest news.

Shortly after my graduation in December of last year, I gave up my role in Canaan. This was effective31st December 2008. I was previously "minister-in-training" here in Canaan Church during my time in BCM. To some of you this might still come as a surprise even two months after effect. I did not previously release any "official" news of this because I wanted to allow Canaan to be the first to make this official the "official way". There was no formal announcement and now almost two months later I feel the time is right to make this "official".

But I know how this works... most of you have already heard from someone. Well, it's no secret, since it's been "official" since last year!

Naturally one of the questions that I have been asked after breaking the news is "why?". Well, to be honest I was not left with much choice. I was all prepared to take up a role in Canaan, especially with regards to youth and young adults ministry. However that was not what I was offered. On top of that I believe God has given me big dreams, but the role offered to me was really way smaller than anything I have imagined. The role was only one factor, another factor is that I have found that some the elder people have not and will never be able to perceive me as their "pastor". I really don't blame them as I am not easily understood. I feel I have very often been misunderstood... the story of my life.

Although the situation was not in my favour I still gave it due consideration and prayer. I consulted with many people. I did not want to make a decision based on what I liked or disliked nor did I want to make an emotional decision. Almost everyone of you whom I spoke to simply told me to just go to another place where I can have room to grow and discover my potential. I thank you for all your kind and wise advice, however I delayed my departure as I considered which mistake I would rather make. Would I rather leave slightly too early? Or would I rather leave slightly too late?

I'd rather leave slightly late.

Some of you who are concerned ask me is "what's your plan?" Well, as the title says - I am in transition. I don't really know what is next. But I am currently exploring some options. I really don't want anything to be in the dark, I like being frank, I like being transparent, I like being myself. So if any of you are curious, or if any of you have heard anything. Come, we'll catch up over a cup of tea. I am willing to talk to anyone who is willing to have a conversation.

I am not in any hurry to take my next step. I thank God for a heck of a helpmate, my wife is currently supporting our family (as she has always been doing). But even if she were not, we are not concerned about finance or providence. I know this sounds careless and a total lack of prudence. But I know my God, he has never failed.

In a way I am glad that God has answered my prayers. I told God that if he wanted me to move out he will have to MOVE me out. It is a real roller coaster the past few months, on one hand I am glad I was left with no choice, otherwise I would very likely just stick to where I am comfortable. On the other hand I am close to tears thinking of that Sunday when I will attend my final service in Canaan before I move out from the church that I love. It would be close to 30 years that I have spent in this church. But now it is clear to me, God wants me to continue to grow and stretch me, Canaan is my comfort zone and I need to get out of it. Yesterday's service when Pas Tony, the Sabahan from Japan, gave a personal prophecy in front of the church I think it's confirmed. I think all of you from Canaan would have heard. I am not acting on that prophecy alone, but the prophecy is like the last straw that breaks the camel's back. It is a confirmation of what God wants for me and my family. Even within the last few months God has already begun to stretch me, it is a foretaste of what is ahead.

I am moving on to the next phase in my life, it is a HUGE step for Melanie, Mikayla, and me. So here I appeal to all of you to really pray for us. We will be praying very very hard and even fasting for God's guidance. It has NOTHING to do with the amount of money I will earn, it has NOTHING to do with the title I will get. It really just boils down to one very simple thing: GOD'S WILL.

As we move on we are not deleting Canaan from our memories, you all will forever be a part of our journey. But now the time is here and we need to move on to the next stop that God has in mind for us. We thank all of you for being a part of our lives in all the major events in our lives, at our various birthdays and Christmases, at our baptisms, at our wedding, at our daughter's birth, so many memories. You all have made our lives richer, and you all will always be a part of our lives. We will carry memories of you all to the next stop that God leads us to. I hope we have left a legacy here as we carry your legacy along with us.

We ask not only of your prayers but also your blessings, that as we leave, we leave with the favour of God smiling upon us. It's time to let us go, please allow us to move on, our time in Canaan is up. Now is the time for a new move, do not hold on to us, but allow room for God to do a new thing with the new people who might rise up. I know that as I leave I take my skills and talents along but I pray that Canaan Church and all her members will continue to grow and bear fruits. I am certain we will cross paths again in the future and I look forward to telling you of how great God has been as much as I look forward to hear you tell me the same.

Thank you all for everything!


CalebRaj said...

Dude, remember not to limit God. In time to come, he will just blow you up upside down man. I have a good feeling about it...

I guess when we are not comfortable, we are moving forward into His likeness, that's just what i think la...

ya, no worries if you leave Canaan, church is not in being inside the 4 walls but it's the people and the body of Christ.

Respect your stand man, seriously...

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

Thanks for commenting.

This is the venue for anyone who has an opinion about my moving out from Canaan to speak out. So if you have ANY thoughts, speak out, don't hold it in.

Some of you have emailed me or messaged me personally, some even SMSed me. I appreciate what you think. Speak up.