Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Date: 9th March 09
Time: 12:00pm to about 3:00pm (Meet at Sri Gombak McDonalds at 10:30am)
Venue: Rimba Harmonis
Cost: RM74.00 per pax
Dresscode: clothes you don't mind getting dirty or maybe even ripping! Long sleeve and long pants preferred. Don't forget your shoes.

  1. Lemuel
  2. Elroi
  3. Bobby
  4. Terry
  5. William
  6. Jason
  7. Kok Leong
  8. Joseph
  9. Benjamin
  10. Caleb
  11. Joash
  12. May
  13. Rabeeka
  14. Michel
  15. Keith
  16. Dennis
Yes, the day came and we finally were able to get together for another round of paintball!!!

A few of us recently tried out this extreme sport and really got hooked on it. Many have labelled paintball as the most addictive sport in the world.

We woke up and realized that the skies were really threatening to pour, by the time we arrived at our rendezvous point in the Sri Gombak McDonalds it started to pour and I mean cats and dogs. For once the weather forecast were dead on, why today?!

10:30am was the meet up time, by about 11:20am all arrived. We called the paintball grounds and we were advised to just chill out and have a drink first, just wait out the rain a bit. So we were all at McDonalds for about 2 hours. By 12:30pm it was still raining but not as heavy anymore, so we decided to head to the paintball field to get our pre-game briefing done first.

By the time we arrived at the Rimba Harmonis Paintball grounds, the rain completely stopped.

During the briefing Joseph could still squat, but later he totally ripped his pants in the groin region. He ripped it big time! You do NOT want him squatting like this then. Simple instructions on safety and how to handle the marker (a.k.a. gun) was given to everyone to ensure that, although it would be painful, nobody would lose an eye or something important. The girls were real jumpy every time the marker was shot during the briefing, but later when they had a go, they liked it... I guess the gun in hand makes them feel empowered.

Everyone had a go at the marker after the briefing session, don't worry we were not given a loaded marker. But even unloaded, we were all protected from the high pressure gas as the barrel was always covered with barrel socks. Even then the marker is scary, especially when Bobby is handling it, you'll never know what he's going to do.

Soon we split ourselves into two groups and it was go go go! There was two scenarios in the Rimba Harmonis ground. One was more of a woodsball scenario, the other was more of a speedball set up. I think we all preferred the woodsball field (above). This was my favourite bunker, between these two boxes is a gap and I was able get quite a number of "kills" from here.

It dried up pretty quick after the rain, but it was still muddy. I didn't mind getting dirty so got into some mud, Jason on the other hand, got dirty from getting shot too much. I think he's the most shot player of the day. He had this really pro-looking chest protection, but he got shot so much in the arms. Looking at the picture though I wonder why we didn't get shot more in the butt...

Kok Leong was also on my team, at the end of the day, I think he was the cleanest guy. He just got a tad bit of mud around the knee area. Sharing a bunker is never a good idea, makes it too easy for our opponents to keep track of us. Since I was on the ground and I was there first, I provided cover while Kok Leong made a run for it.

Again my teammates ran up to my bunker. This time it was Ben, and he even bunkered down, I didn't even know he was there! I guess he moved on real quick. I had a bead on Terry and Wiliam, just waiting for them to pop their heads out and it would be a head shot! Also got forced to my left hand again. On the left everything is more tricky, have to use my other hand to steady the gun, other hand to pull the trigger, other eye to aim. Otherwise you would be exposed and too big a target. However it did make one awesome paintball shot (both from the marker as well as from the camera)!

Other teammates were Bobby (in brown), Michel (hand signalling Bobby), and Rabeeka (squatting, checking out the other team's movements). Later, during breaks, we realized that our team was more organized. The chicks (Rabeeca and Michel) gave us good cover, meanwhile the the guys (Bobby, Jason, Kok Leong, Ben, Elroi, and me) were able to make up ground and flank the other team. We totally owned them... IMBA teams!

This was the opponent's sniper tower/base. Depending on the game, we can go back to the base to "recharge our live", then it's action again. That right there is Terry, with his hands raised, walking the walk of shame to recharge. The snipers on the tower can really get a good view of the entire field of play. Below there would be pods with some extra ammo for the team. Once Elroi spilled half of our stash! Cost us both money as well as a game we should have won!

No matter, we still managed to win the games that we did not draw. Victory! I was almost too tired to pose... ALMOST, but I still did. What's the point in winning if you didn't pose for the cameras?

The winning team at our base (L-R standing): Rabeeka, Bobby, Lemuel, Elroi, Kok Leong, and Michel. Squatting: Jason, and Ben.
Good team work guys!

Flag captured, victory! Raise our flag.

You can't see it here, but we were all really happy, thoroughly enjoyed it, even the losing team had some victories. We were all smiling behind our masks.

You can see that when we all removed our masks. Clockwise from left: Ben, Jo, Bobby, Sham (the owner of the paintball facility), William (Terry's friend), Kok Leong, Michel, Rabeeka, Elroi, and camwhoring smack in the middle is me.

Rambo of the day award: Jason "Tanker" Ong. There, now you have your paintball nick. He got shot up so much! When you get a chance take a look at his arm. The paint is orange, but that red patch on Jason's right leg... IS HIS BLOOD (not Jesus'), haven't asked him about how he got that yet. There were some minor injuries but all were superficial, and none were actually from getting shot. It was things like landing a knee on a stone, cut by a branch, etc.

At the shooting range, trying to use up the little ammo we have left. That's when the marshall on site realized we still had enough ammo for one last round!

Seven of us went gung ho on the last round. Teams were not even nor was it balanced. My team lost out from running out of ammo, but we did gun them down quite a bit. As this round had less players we were able to try some really cool stunts like shooting while running, diving and rolling from bunker to bunker, standing ON bunker like Rambo then getting shot, using the cameraman (Terry) as a giant moving bunker, even had chance to charge and get charged. Nice!

Get all tucked in or risk becoming a sitting duck. I think my elbows and knees are a bit more exposed than they need to be though. Note to self: keep elbows and knees in!

Bobby "snapshooting", which is so pro paintball language for coming out for a quick shot then ducking back into cover.

WOAH! My barrel is smoking. And there I am in another puddle of mud...

All in all it was a great holiday spent hurting good friends. Now to save up cash for the next game. Let me know if any of you would like to join us when we go again next time. Guys and girls can play this game. Till the next time, we'll now bear the pain of the muscle aches, and proudly wear the battle scars. What you see above is the most painful paintball hit to date, a neck shot! Even a forehead shot is not as bad. But missing all the long sleeves, long pants, face mask, and all the protection, it hits my bare naked neck! That, my friends, is a paintball hickey!

Check out all the day's pix on Jason Ong's Facebook album.


nothing of interest here said...

i absolutely love this post! you guys had such a great time!!

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

We did have a great time. I think you love this post coz got a lot of pix. I decided to put up more pix. People prefer pix to words.

When my marker gets here we'll be able to do this more... and when YOU get back we could bring you along and shoot you up a bit... you know... "mark" your return =D

joseph said...

bwahhaha i marked your neck