Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We Miss You Mikayla


Mommy and daddy miss you very much. Your mommy is really feeling it, I guess it's a maternal thing. Daddy misses you too, but being the dude around the house requires some cool, so...

Mommy and daddy have been looking at all your pix and vids. Mommy mostly viewing, whereas daddy was mostly aranging and sorting all the pix out. Mommy and daddy are different in that way. I always like doing stuff, rather than sitting down. Our library is now really neat and chronologically in order. That awesome camera your gong gong and popo gave to us for Christmas takes fantastic pictures.

We will be coming over to Baguio tomorrow to attend your gong gong's installation/inauguration as the president of APTS. Also to bring you back to Malaysia. Compounded with our recent change of church, many people back here are missing you, asking us "Mikayla leh?". So for their sakes here are some pix of you.

At 1U. You love bikes. Whenever you see one you'll sign and make the sound *boo boo boo boo".

At ah kong's house. During Chinese New Year as you can see... You call the orange "ball ball".

At home. Soon you'll be back here...

... and I'll be back to babysitting duties.

It was nice to have a break and spend some quality time with your mommy.

I think now I understand what they mean by "quality time".

At the Curve. Your first time on a slide.

We were waiting to have dinner with your "kai ma" Ke Xin (and Keith).

...so cute >.<

At home. That would be my "other" baby, don't worry, you're still my favourite baby. But it seems like you like the guitar as well, which is good news for me.

Dinner time! You found out you could put the pasta on your finger, mommy, as usual, very fast to take pictures.

I bought this arm chair for you after one of the cell groups, now you can sit and watch your cartoons!

At Ministers' Retreat in JB. That's the toy gong gong bought for you, but you lost interest almost as soon as gong gong paid for it.

Playing "ball ball" with popo and mommy.

On the way back from Ministers' Retreat. You slept most of the time during the journey. We hope you'll have a good trip when we bring you back from Baguio.

This is a recent video of you talking on the remote control. I can understand why you would mistake the remote control for a phone, both have number pads, and they are even arranged in similar fashion. See you soon baby!


Angela Yap a.k.a your other 'kaima' said...

I miss Mikayla~

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...


That day we forgot to skype you. We were nicely eating pizza and then after that watching all our photos from Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, etc. By the time we remembered you were already offline! >.<

Sorry, try again next time la...

Angela Yap said...

zzzzzz.....whatever man....kena ffk

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...


You could have called us also ma... zzzz!